What is a Fresh 48 Session

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Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7192Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7192
What is a Fresh 48 Session?

Having a baby is a monumental event in your life, one that you will never forget. There are so many emotions and new experiences that happen in those first days. Time does not exist and nothing else in the world matters. It's just you and your new love. After that, time never stops. Baby continues to grow and you continue to create new memories with them. Soon, you may not be able to remember how tiny they really were at birth. A Fresh 48 Session is a lifestyle portrait session that takes place within the first 48 hours after your baby is born. We capture the wonder and awe of those first days with your new little one.

AmundsenFresh48-4686 This session is different than birth photography in that it does not capture the drama and anticipation of the birthing process, but rather the peace and love that is felt when everything is settled and you have your baby in your arms. Fresh 48 sessions are unique from other newborn sessions in that they may take place at the hospital or at your home and capture the whole family interacting with the new baby.

Baby primarily stays in your arms, but we may capture events like dad changing a diaper, breastfeeding, big sister adoring her new sibling and other firsts happening at this time. We won’t be dressing the baby up in cute outfits and posing them on bean bags! These images portray the family experience of welcoming a new life. 



What to expect:  AmundsenFresh48-4704AmundsenFresh48-4704

To plan for a Fresh 48 Session, we will schedule a consultation call where we discuss the details of your birth including location, due date, any specific photographs you’d like, who will be present, etc. From there we will make a plan for contact and how you will notify me of your new arrival. With effective communication, I will be able to arrange my schedule and come meet your baby! The session will be about one hour long. You just had a baby! You may be tired and overwhelmed and I am very cognizant of this. I work to be efficient in capturing the must have images of your new family while being respectful of your space and physical and mental state.


AmundsenFresh48-4673AmundsenFresh48-4673 How to prepare: 

I keep Fresh 48 Sessions very laid back. We capture genuine and authentic emotions and details of your new baby. You only have to get as ready as you want! If you want to stay in your robe or PJs then by all means, stay in your PJs! The whole point of this is to capture your first hours together in authenticity. No costumes or makeup needed. If you feel more comfortable putting on a nice outfit and a little foundation AND have the energy to do it, then go for it! 

The last thing you need to worry about after bringing a human into the world is how tidy your hospital room or home is. All we need is one area that is decently lit and picked up - like your bed or your couch. We will discuss this in the consultation so that you do not have to stress about it after baby arrives. Baby can just be in a diaper, maybe a plain onesie and swaddled in a blanket. A solid color t-shirt and jeans is just fine for dad and any other kiddos. 

Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7222Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7222 I am going to ask you to handle your baby. I know what it feels like to be a new parent and I had a hard time even letting grandma hold my precious baby in those first few days. I’m also very aware of keeping any germs I might be carrying away from your little one.

We are on baby’s timeline. If we need to change a diaper, feed, snuggle, bounce, change clothing or anything else we will do it. I will try to capture little snippets of these activities in a visually pleasing way. Remember, this session is to capture those first days as they truly are.


Where do we go from here?

If having photographs to remember the first blissful days of welcoming your new baby to the world sounds like something you’re interested in, please reach out! You can email ([email protected]), message, text or call me (405-406-2734) with questions and we can set up time to chat more!                                            Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7107Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7107 Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7158Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7158
                                                      Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7128Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7128 Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7322Gagnon Fresh 48 2020-7322  



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